A child, living off the grid with a father succumbing to madness, tries to hold on to the last shreds of childhood.

Prequel to the upcoming slasher film SECOND SKIN.


Rabbit Run premiered at the 9th Guignolfest in Portland in October and screened at Portland Film Festival and Crypticon! Run Rabbit Run! 


We're all animals underneath.



Josh, a shy teen struggling to embrace his identity as a Furry, must confront a twisted, repressed killer bent on hunting down his newfound friends.




Phiamma Elias


Phiamma Elias wrote, directed, and produced her feature film HOMESKILLET which premiered in Portland, followed by 5 broadcasts via PBS on OPB (Oregon Public Broadcast Channel). In 2015, it won Best Feature Film at the Boise Film Festival. As Artistic Director for VisionART theater in Venice Beach, CA, she garnered 12 DRAMALOGUE awards. Phiamma has produced and directed music videos for over 12 bands and filmed over 45 bands, and won several music video awards. She is in post production on a reality TV series about original music, an episodic based in Portland, and a social media event similar to “We Are The World."


Willy Greer


Willy Greer’s life in horror movies began at age six, watching the 1978 remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. In 2004, he started the pirate FM show Horror Holocaust Radio which evolved into a monthly podcast over its seven year life span. In 2007, he composed the score for the feature film CTHULHU and in 2009, the Lovecraft-based horror score for PICKMAN'S MUSE. In 2011, his first book, Shadow Play: Philosophy and Psychology of the Modern Horror Film, was published to glowing reviews. Current projects include: Film Cult, a film discussion podcast and Spicoli vs. Jason: Gen-Xploitation Cinema, a book examining the political undertones of ‘80s teen sex comedies and slasher movies.


Daniel Gildark


Daniel Gildark is a graduate of the Northwest Film Center's film program in Portland, Oregon, and, according to the Seattle alt weekly The Stranger, created a series of film clips that MTV allegedly stole for the opening of 120 Minutes. His feature film, CTHULHU, premiered in 2007 and holds a “Fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes and was an official selection at the Seattle International Film Festival. It also won Best in Festival at the Eerie Horror Film Festival and H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival. The film was purchased and distributed by Regent Releasing. For this work, he was nominated for The Stranger's “Genius Award" in 2007. He has since worked on several shorts, features, music videos, commercials, as well as directing and starring in the 2014 play, Whackjob.